January 2023 - international exhibition Art Brut Bratislava

Galéria Slovenskej výtvarnej únie - UMELKA


May 2022 - international exhibition Art Brut Brno

Another exhibition in the gallery in the Česká spořitelna building at 10 Jánská Street presents paintings from Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. 

This time it will again be dedicated to the phenomenon of art brut. The opening took place on Thursday, May 12 at 5 p.m. Soundtrack

Brno poet Petr Čichoń, the exhibition was introduced by Ivan Petlan.



Predstavte si, že jedného dňa odrazu zistíte, že už nie ste tým, čím ste boli. This was also experienced by the hero of our film from Slovakia and Moravia - which hurt "normal". One day of reflection they found that the dianie in our head already controlled niekto iný - akési alter ego.

Rough and harsh – the life stories of our heroes (protagonists) stand sa to vidieť, pretože nikto nevie, or accidentally one day does not come to life and in us mysterious alter ego ...

© ALEF FILM & MEDIA, Fulfilm, 2022

PRODUCER -  Marian Urban
DIRECTOR -  Lubomír Štecko

77 minutes


Nikolaj Feďkovič - Built-in mirror

Opening of the exhibition in the exhibition premises of Česká spořitelna a.s., Brno on 6 October 2021. At the opening, Pavel Foltán sang songs by Karel Kryl.


The most beautiful books of Slovakia 2018

27 year of the competition

Le Bestiaire - Bestiary - Zvieratník
Illustration Peter Danube - Spily
Photos peter Anderovský
Graphic design by Václav Houf
Publisher Mental Health of Children
Printing AG TYP, Kostelec nad Orlicí

Prize of the Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic Publishing House for bibliophile edition


Karel Demel's Fateful Loves

After another covid downturn in activity, the KreAt studio comes with a new exhibition, this time dedicated to the graphic work of Karel Demel.

The opening on the first floor of the Česká spořitelna building in Brno at Jánská will take place on Wednesday , February 9, 2022 at 6 p.m.

The poet and artist Patrik Vlček sang and played  the guitar.


TOUCHES IV. - Opening of the exhibition in ČS Jánská 6 Brno

The Brno studio KREAT,  Kunštát Pro Futuroo.p.s., was launched in September 2012. The first year of the studio's work culminated in the organization of an international art workshop with partner studios from Switzerland and Belgium, which took place in parallel with the Art for Everyone workshop. The content of the workshop was a joint work on the artistic accompaniment of Guillaume Apollinaire's collection of poems Bestiary or Orpheus' Procession. According to their abilities, participants could work with art techniques such as drawing, painting, graphics (printing from a height, or printing from depth). A selection of works and a jointly created large-format painting was exhibited in the building of Česká spořitelna at Jánská 6. , together with the works of these three studios. 


Art Brut Brno - opening

The exhibition Art brut Brno was opened in the exhibition premises of Česká spořitelna in Jánská Street in Brno on 11 November 2019. It will run until the end of January 2020. The phrase "art brut" (raw art) was first used by the French painter and sculptor Jean Dubuffet in 1945. He described the work of authors who were outside the normal social norm – people with mental disorders or those who for some reason were excluded from the majority society. The exhibition was held under the auspices of the Mayor of Brno, Markéta Vaňková, and the guest at the opening was Lydie Zukalová from the Foreign Department of the Brno City Hall.


Září - říjen 2018 - výstava Labutě

Jednou z doprovodných akcí probíhajícího mezinárodního  workshopu bylo uvedení tematické výstavy grafických prací Labuť. Vernisáž se uskutečnila ve středu 5. září v 18 hodin ve výstavních prostorách budovy České spořitelny v Jánské ulici 10. Hudbou ji doprovodil brněnský kytarista a písničkář Martin Kudlička. Výstava trvala do 31. října 2018.


RAVEN/RAVEN - Opening 1.11.2017

November 2017 -  March 2018 - Exhibition of illustrations at Jánská

On Wednesday , November 1, 2017 , another exhibition dedicated to illustrations of the work of E. A. Poe was opened in the gallery in the Česká spořitelna building at Jánská at 6 p.m. This time it is for sale and will last until January of next year. As part of the opening, it will also be possible to purchase the ten-language bibliophile editions of The Raven in three illustrated versions. The authors of the graphics are Günter Hujber, Peter Dunaj-Spily and Pavla Dvorská, who is, among other things, an expert lecturer of KreAt. 



Art brut is an artistic expression that is closely connected with the fate of its creators. The authors are not professional artists, they are people with psychological problems or mental disorders. Society often stigmatizes people who suffer from mental illness without realizing what a rich inner life they have and how many other talents and creativity are hidden in them. The aim of the exhibition is to publicly present works that were created within the art therapy studio: Gallery Nezábudka, in the home environment and in other civic associations. The Best of Art Brut exhibition presents about 30 Slovak authors whose works were selected by the curators for presentation in the chamber space of the Čin Čin Gallery, where it was first presented in May. Part of the presented works comes from private collections. As the subtitle of the exhibition states: "We are here and there is a world that we create", the authors give an honest, authentic testimony about themselves and their own world. This statement is not distorted by any professional criteria, it is based on one's own motives and desire to express oneself.



A short documentary film was completed and published, which captures the cooperation of the Czech studio KreAt and the Slovak Nezabudka. You can see some of the moments together on YouTube.